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Friday, January 22, 2010

The Most Talented Couple I Know

Okay, call it shameless promotion if you will (and it is) but at least it's not shameless Self promotion.

Today, I'm introducing the majority of you to a couple of kooky kids named Rob Giles and Caterina Scorsone. Last June they became husband and wife in the Bride's hometown of Toronto. If it's possible to have a crush on a couple--I got it bad.  They are beautiful, they each have ridiculous amounts of talent, and they are my friends.

So, as I was raised with proper manners, let's have ladies first, shall we?

Caterina has been a working actor since the age of 8. Her professional associations include being directed by Eric Stoltz and Emilio Estevez and acting with Ed Harris, Mel Gibson, and Kathy Bates as well as starring in the TV series', Crash and Missing (1-800-Missing).

No flighty actress girl she, Cat also attended Trinity College in the University of Toronto, where she learned literary studies, comparative religions and obtained a poli-sci degree.

In the very recent past, she starred in the Syfy Network's mini series of "Alice" playing the title character in the re-imagined update of the Lewis Carroll classic. It's never a safe bet to re-imagine a classic, and this certainly is a departure from the original "Alice In Wonderland". Caterina's Alice, in addition to being an adult in the 21st century, is tough and urban. She teaches martial arts! But there is a fine line the actress walks brilliantly. She plays her cynical and rigid, and at the same time, you are always aware of a very wounded little girl inside that longs for fairytale endings but is terrified that one more abandonment will be her undoing. It was a blast of a roller coaster ride to watch with mind bending art direction and if you missed it, it'll be on DVD in March.

Up next for my favorite smarty pants is the nail biter "Edge Of Darkness" starring Mel Gibson and it opens at the end of this week (Jan 29), see you there.

And now the gentleman. It is impossible to fully articulate the genius of Rob Giles, the artist or the man. Our friendship began the day we met 5 years ago. We have learned much from each other, and each has carried the other through some harrowing times. The rest of the time, we just laugh. He is one of the funniest people I've ever met. Hailing from Dallas, Texas, as a teen he taught himself to play the drums. Then guitar. Then bass. Then keys. After graduating from the Berkeley School of Music, it was off to New York for a bit, then Nashville for a while, and finally L.A.

I realize I could be accused of being prejudiced, but trying to be as objective as possible, he is my favorite singer/songwriter. And it's really no surprise that he and Cat found each other as he certainly wasn't short changed in the Brainiac department either. He is becoming a much sought after record Producer here. As a writer his melodies are beautiful but always interesting and quite often unexpected. The lyrics are no joke. Intelligent poetry, all at once modern and timeless. His guitar work? Just give him a capo and he can coax an orchestration out of a six string acoustic! And as a singer his voice has many colors and facets and his breath control is simply astounding (especially considering that when I met him, he was still smoking a couple of packs a day). In the performance below (taken with someones iphone, so there's not much quality), he starts a phrase at 2:40 and draws his next breath at just after 3:00!

This song is on his latest album "This Is All In Your Mind"

Go to itunes or cdbaby and get it right now.  I've never mislead you.

His next solo album, "The Ghost of Gran Via" will be out in March. (I've heard it, you want it.) If that isn't enough, last year he became the fourth member of the amazing group, The Rescues. Imagine one other man and two women, all with Rob's caliber of musicianship rolled into one supergroup! The Rescues new album "Let Loose the Horses" will be out in April on Universal Republic records.

Now that Cat and Rob taken care of your entertainment needs, carry on. Fabulously.


jason said...

Gosh, what cool friends you have!

FelixInHollywood said...

I know, you're one of them!

And yes, these two are pretty spectacular as well. I could happily spend the rest of my life listening to him - and staring at her!

normadesmond said...

yes, very nice voice. may that magical, mysterious thing called success happen for him.

MJ said...

Have you seen her in Mr. Dressup?

FelixInHollywood said...

No, unfortunately I don't think it ever played the States.

I believe that was her first job as a kid, no?

kabuki zero said...

You have always attracted the best and brightest. Something just emanates from you and the best-in-show are drawn in. You have a sincere likeability and your 15year-old boy-body is non-threatening to men and women alike. That said, myself having reached mega-stardom I find you slightly annoying and your octopus-hands don't help. But I overlook that because I like you.

FelixInHollywood said...

Why KZ, what a lovely thing to say! Now get that zipper down before I have to take my eight hands (one for every inch) and do it myself.

Stephen said...

Thank you for this... I love to be introduced to new music & talented people...& the fact that they are your friends makes this couple even more appealing. I will start to DVR Aloce. I am so shallow, i will start to refer to Cat & Rob as my good close personal friends. i have already been dropping your name around!