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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Literary, Bent

There is an appalling misconception about people in Hollywood.  It is commonly thought that we don't read!  I am here to set the record straight.  I happen to be a voracious reader, and my particular love is the classics.

I am just finishing one right now that I wanted to share with you.

Do take it in when you have a chance.


normadesmond said...

too eyebrow, oops...highbrow for me.

MJ said...

I have too many books on the go at the moment so if you would kindly write a book review?

Or just mark the juicy bits in highlighter?

Donna Lethal said...

Oh yes, I read this, but mine had a different cover! I can imagine Lana choosing different portraits of herself in a drunken haze.

Donna Lethal said...

Oh, sorry, I couldn't see the authors' names. Didn't read this one, I read her, ahem, "autobio."

FelixInHollywood said...

This one was written in 1971 while she was very much alive, and boy was she pissed. The authors names were added to the list of names, that already included, Johnny Stomanato, her daughter, and her ex-husbands, that reporters were not allowed to mention. This particular paperback was from an
'89 reprint where they devoted the last few chapters to her reaction and her decision to 'write' her own bio.