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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Each Time You Call My Name

I really envy you, dear readers.  I just came across this clip at work, on a computer with NO SOUND!  But after reading a few of the comments, I feel safe in posting it sight-unheard.  I won't, however get to hear it for myself until I get home tonight.

It is my very favorite Labelle song.


jason said...

I like how you have labels for "Nona", "Patti", "Sarah"...and "wow"

Maybe you should just sing along to the video until you can get home :)

normadesmond said...

don't think i could disagree with what you state.

Kabuki Zero said...

This goup of women both as a group and as individual recording artists had a HUGE influence on me during my formative years. Patti remains one of my favourite female vocalists. kabuki zero