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Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Prince Of Wails

Today we celebrate the birth and life and talent of Johnnie Ray.  The singer, and professional perspirer (you'll see), was rendered deaf in one ear at age 13 in his native Oregon.  This only served to make his robust, swinging delivery all the louder. 

He scored a two sided hit single in 1952 with the record "Cry" b/w "The Little White Cloud That Cried".


A string of further hits in the next five years pretty much concluded his super stardom in the US though he maintained a more loyal fan base there after in England.

Despite a brief marriage (1952-54) he was arrested twice for soliciting sex from men (1951 and 1959).

He also underwent surgery for his hearing in 1958 that just about killed the rest of his hearing and required him to use hearing aids in both ears for the rest of his life.

If hearing loss and a slight case of homosexuality weren't enough, there was also the problem of drink.  Suffering from hepatitis and, later, cirrhosis, his  liver finally failed killing him in  1990.

Our friend Mr. Ray also has the distinction of being the Best Man at Judy Garland's last wedding to Mickey Deans.  Not at all surprising because as you all know:  Everything Leads Back To Judy Garland.


normadesmond said...

and of course there's that whole thing with killgallen, which never made any sense.....unless johnny thought she would help his career.

MJ said...

a slight case of homosexuality

Is that like being a little pregnant?

FelixInHollywood said...

Sort of. Only more active (or passive as the case may be)