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Friday, January 1, 2010

Lucky New Year

Yes I have my pot of Black Eyed Peas on the stove as we speak.  They bring good luck when eaten on New Years Day you know.  At least that's what my mother (raised in Kentucky) and every other Southerner I've ever known told me.

Now here's the surprise:  This is not originally a Southern tradition, it's a Jewish tradition!  Apparently the New Year-Black Eyed Pea-Good Luck connection is in the Babylonian Talmud!  When the first Sephardi Jews migrated to Georgia in the 1730's they brought the idea with them and, Bing!, Southern tradition. 

Having great respect for the strength of both Jews and Southerners, and wanting all the good luck I can get my hot little hands on, the peas will be ready about 4.  And like in the photo below, they will be served in my Mother's Franciscan ware.

As far as preparation goes, I'm goin' with the peas-fat back-onion-chopped jalepeno-salt & pepper-simmer low forever method.


normadesmond said...

why thank you mizz daisy! oy gevalt, who knew?

MJ said...

Canada gave the world poutine: the holy trinity of fries, gravy and cheese curds.

Worship at our 49th parallel.

Kabuki Zero said...

remember to crack a window, or you'll be re-papering the den. again. kabuki

jason said...

My grandmother had those very plates!