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Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's Our Turn To Act For Them

Recently, a comment on Norma Desmond's Blog brought my attention back to an issue that's been one of great sadness for me for over a year.  Thank you for the reminder 'researcher'.

It is the proposed closing of the Long Term Care facility at the Motion Picture and Television Fund's Woodland Hills campus.  Fondly known as The Old Actors Home, the Country Home was opened in 1942 and the Hospital in 1948.  There are people residing there right now with names that you know.  Other residents are the artistic technicians who worked behind the camera and are no less responsible for our entertainment than the marquee 'names'.  I am crushed at the thought of this facility being no more.  I've been there and it's fantastic.

Thankfully, 'researcher' put a link on the comment to an organization called Saving the Lives of Our Own.  There is a petition there that you can sign.  (I did 3 days ago and I haven't received any spam yet)  Their goal is 5000 signatures and at present, there aren't even 1500!  Please do this folks.  The residents have given us countless hours of joy and, just now, they need our help.

Below is a list of former residents many of whom ended their days in these beautiful surroundings.

Famous residents

* denotes died while resident at hospital

Thanks very much.


kabuki zero said...

you would think somebody getting $60 million a picture might shake a little loose for this wonderful place. I don't believe this is the first time the home has been in dire straits. Perhaps SAG could add a value-tax on all paychecks over $5 million. I think 1% would help out nicely. Of course, as an unpaid megastar it may only be months before I end up there myself. At least I still have my dreams.

kabuki zero said...

ps that Norma Desmond is one swell broad.

FelixInHollywood said...

That's a dandy suggestion Kabuki.

Mine was, for every Producer that takes there project out of LA to save money, donate 10% of that savings.

normadesmond said...

and it truly is a coincidence that "the merry widow" is on TCM, right now. i had no idea it was on the schedule. the only reason why mae came up at all was because i'd gone thru an old book & found that great photo of her (that i'd always loved), older & telling someone to fuck off.

that mae certainly works in mysterious ways.

FelixInHollywood said...

Yeah, I guess I forgot about Mae in all of this. Thanks Mae, ya ol 'floozy'.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mae, and all.

You may be interested to know that Renee Taylor is hosting a fundraiser at her BH home to benefit the residents this coming Saturday, Jan 30th, 1pm. Admission to Ms. Taylor's event, which features an auction of Hollywood memorabilia and "comfort food," is $25. For more info, write to events at savingthelivesofourown.org

FelixInHollywood said...

Thank you so much for that info. Now let me see what I can do about getting out of work on Saturday! Don't think I can, but it's worth a try.

normadesmond said...

i should book a flight!

FelixInHollywood said...

For anyone who is able to attend the fund raiser at the Tayor/Bologna's, go to the savingthelivesofourown.org website and watch the Sam Rubin interview on the main page. At the end of the interview, there is a telephone number to call for attendance.

MJ said...

I plan on housing you all in your dotage.

As proof, I'll repost a little something tomorrow (Wednesday).

Mike, Studio city said...

This is a sad mess. Didn't someone just make 2 billion dollars on a movie this last month. It's a shame

Stephen said...

One of my unions- SAG, gives you an option of giving a portion of your pension to the home. I have been giving a small amount, every month for 25+ years. I might end up there, but in what great company.

Stephen said...
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Anonymous said...

Guild members have been donating small percentages for more than 50 years. They may end up there in great company, but when they need 24/7 nursing care, they'll be 'relocated' away from the Motion Picture Home grounds. That's the point, a betrayal of trust for those who paid it forward, and for those living there now. Just think where your small amount may be going now. Lawyers fees? Exorbitant salaries?
Empty beds?

SAG board voted to oppose the planned closure.

Sad, and sounding more like a class action every day.