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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ok, I'm a bit late on the uptick...

...but I finally got to see the Tom Ford movie, "A Single Man" yesterday and thought it mesmerising.
I couldn't recomend it more.


Kabuki Zero said...

the title above the clip says Trailer: A Single Man. Naturally I thought it was about me. No one in the film looks anything like me. Not even the little girl in the ugly dress. These unauthorized bio-pics are getting out of hand. I may sue somebody. kabuki zero

jason said...

soooo jealous!

Probably won't ever even make it to this hillbilly town I'm in.

FelixInHollywood said...

KZ- I was shocked. I thought it was about you too, but I went anyway.

Jason- It's got the worst release in the world. Oh well maybe that means the DVD will arrive that much faster.
But I do wish you could see it on big screen, each shot is 'composed' within an inch of it's life and for Julianne Moore's hair and make-up-the bigger the screen the better!

TJB said...

I still think the Carroll Baker Harlow is a biopic about me. The "T" being silent, of course.

MJ said...

If kabuki's not in it, there's no point in going.

Where's my refund?

normadesmond said...

i expected to have issues with it, but i loved it. the attention to detail felt perfect.

my only gripe? what man could romp nude in the ocean, then have a PYT stand inches away from his face & not take a taste? no matter how deep the funk, me thinks a moment fueled by testosterone would prevail.