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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Beauty: The Male Of The Species.....

.....or, All I Want For Christmas (in no particular order)

Cary Grant
Louis Jordan  

Chet Baker
Desi Arnaz

Errol Flynn

Marlon Brando

Gregory Peck


MJ said...

Hands off Peck, beyotch.

I'd like to hear Desi calling out your name "Lucy" style.

jason said...

Ok, I'm going to have to shank MJ for Greg. But I'm willing.

He and I are destined to be together, I tell ya.. whether he wants it or not.

ilduce said...

Could I borrow a cu of Marlon when you're done with him?

designing wally said...

I'd love to swash Errol's buckle for him..

normadesmond said...

so much prettiness!

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

Get close to Cary Grant and I'll cut ya. I swear I'll cut ya! He's MINE!

MovieNut14 said...

O_O Holy SMOKES on Louis. DIBS.