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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Mystery Gets Revealed!

Oh why do I even try!  As suspected the mystery was first solved tout suite by Clara, who becomes today's Smartest Girl In School!

Yes kiddies, it's your favorite, my favorite, everybody's favorite:  MYRNA LOY!
The shot above is from a 1930 First National picture called "Bride of the Regiment".
Loy was 5th on the cast list and (my seven least favorite words in the world) 'this film is thought to be lost.'

Miss Loy was gorgeous, frank, honest, hilarious, dramatic and a major political lefty.  In short, I probably coulda jumped the fence for her!

Now since you are all so smart, I'm gonna share my two latest favorite shots of her:

I'm desperate about this silk cut velvet gown.


Barbara said...

What, the rest of us get no credit for being correct? Pshaw!

FelixInHollywood said...

I believe you've just taken it Miss Barbara.

normadesmond said...

yes i agree, those two shots are exquisite.

GlenH said...

That top one is hot!I'd turn for her...