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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Now A Brief Message From Our Holiday Sponsor...

Just kidding.  You know who the real sponsor of this blog is, dontcha:

Fancy lettering by Cool Cookie!
And now just in time for the Holidays (or any day) you can give the gift of Felix!
That's right, beautiful Gift Presentation Certificates are available from
The Felix In Hollywood Tour Company!!!

"At last, Hollywood History is at hand.....On Foot."

Everybody loves a present.  Now you can purchase a tour pass for one or up to eight people.

*Here's the answer for that "hard to buy for" friend, family member, boss or associate.

*Know someone who's planning a trip to Southern California?  This makes a perfect bon voyage present.

The best part is, the certificate is valid for use for the next three months.  That way the recipient can schedule their tour at their own leisure.

If you're buying a certificate, go straight to the "Buy Your Ticket" tab.  Then just send an email to philip@felixinhollywoodtours.com and give me the name of the recipient(s), the name of the gift giver(s), and whether you want me to email the certificate jpeg, or have me mail a printed copy to you.

Pretty snappy idea, huh?

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normadesmond said...

cancer and crawford, what a lovely holiday surprise!