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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

July 28, 1947

If the pomposity  of the cover isn't bad enough, here in this excerpt from the article is Hopper's side of a phone call to Joan Crawford inquiring (in the way that she did) about a supposed romance with cowboy actor Don Barry.
"Hello. This is Hedda Hopper. Put Joan on....Hello, Joan?...All right, dear, tell me all about it....Well, he says it's pretty serious. . . . Oh, come on, you can't fool me. Are you in love with him? . . . Now look, dear, I always ask personal questions....Well, how do you get a man to hang that much mink around your neck if you're not serious about him?...I know you're hedging. You can't fool Hopper....Well, you can answer whether you're in love with the guy and intend to marry him....Now look, Joan, I've known you for a great many years and you've never been a gold digger in your life. I just don't think you've got it in you. So when you go accepting expensive ice from this guy I know there's something up. So you might as well spill it, baby. ... All right, dear, you've given me your answer by indirection....By the way, I hear you're adopting two more children. How old are they this time?..."

Quite a glimpse into the not fun side of being a big star during the Hedda/Louella occupation.  Me thinks the power went to her hedda.

The evil one.


Ask the Cool Cookie said...

Hedda...evil? No. Compared to some of the selfish, cruel "gossi[p" hags that are out there who think its more important for self promotion than to deliver good inuendo, Hopper is gem. Now Billy-Whats-His-Name (the one who is just down right physically ugly but acts like he's God's Gift to Homo's) there is pathology just waiting to be studied.

normadesmond said...

it's a bit hideous to think of the power that she & lulu wielded.

Donna Lethal said...

Get those tonsils away from me!