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Friday, December 10, 2010

Why Don't You....

Take some time today to:

Enjoy a cup of coffee
Jack Palance, on set candid from The Barbarians

Catch up on a little reading
Judy Garland and various Munchkins, on set candid from The Wizard Of Oz

And hang out with friends of common interests
James Stewart & Lew Ayers publicity still from Ice Follies Of 1939


normadesmond said...

who the fuck wants coffee at a moment like this?

Donna Lethal said...
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Donna Lethal said...

Ok, this post has been making the rounds of my friends' iphones. First Jack Palance's legs showed up in my gmail box, then I got Judy at the movies. But it's really Jimmy and Lew that, uh, intrigues me.

FelixInHollywood said...

Wow! Felix on iphones? I feel so famous.

VP81955 said...

James Stewart had a great 1939: "Made For Each Other" with Carole Lombard, "Destry Rides Again" with Marlene Dietrich, "It's A Wonderful World" with Claudette Colbert, "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington" with Jean Arthur. Unfortunately, he also made this "Ice Follies" film (with Joan Crawford!), thus automatically making William Powell's 1936 the best year any actor has ever had ("My Man Godfrey," "Libeled Lady," "The Great Ziegfeld," "After The Thin Man," "The Ex-Mrs. Bradford").