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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Big "One".

No, I'm not talking about a California earthquake.

And I'm not talking about an outsized appendage.

I'm not even talking about Fred Sandford going to join Elizabeth!

This big one is:

Today is the Felix In Hollywood Blog's One Year Anniversary!!!

Sometime in April of 2009 , I was doing a furious Google search on long-forgotten 1950s Columbia starlet, Lucy Marlow (like you do) and got directed to this thing called Stirred Straight Up With A Twist.  Up till this time, I had heard the word 'blog' but had no idea what one was.  So, I'm reading this coverage on Marlow and it's bright, it's informed and it's funnier than shit.  Well I was hooked.  I started reading post after post.  What's more I began to click on the 'comments', and found more bright and shining light bulbs flashing their brilliance.  My God, I thought, here are my people!  They think like I think, they like what I like.  It took about two months but I went through TJB's entire archives as well as checking his current daily posts.  I also branched out to his blog roll, and you guessed it, more amazement and delight.  I wanted to play in this sandbox, with these kids really, really bad.  But alas, I was too intimidated.  They were the 'big kids' and I felt too puny.  I began daily haunts to Mr. Peenee, Lethal Dose, Muscato (Muscato, please come home!), Night Is Half Gone, Infomaniac, Mean Dirty Pirate, and Fabulon (recreated as Chateau Thombeau).  
I'm not sure which came first but by July I  a) opened a blogger account and left a few tentative comments myself and, surprise-surprise, nobody laughed at me or told me to go away,   and  b) got up my nerve and sent a fan email to TJB.  Well you'll never believe this, but he answered me!  Not only that but he was kind and friendly!!  I then reached out to Donna Lethal.  Same deal.  Over and over again, all of these guys were really nice.  Then I noticed witty commenter Cool Cookie start his blog Doing Hard Time In Shaker Heights.  On Dec. 16th, I couldn't take it anymore and decided to join the fun. 

My very first post found me wonder where this was all going to go.  Where it went was beyond my imagination.  About 290 posts later, I'm followed by 61 people and the page has been view damn near 50,000 times!  My last visitor was from Cambodia for heaven sakes.  I got to watch the beautiful Norma Desmond open the Mitten Drinnen blog.  The entire experience has added a dimension to my life that I absolutely cherish.  For the last twelve months you've laughed with me, cried with me, listened to me bitch, and given me a much needed sense of responsibility to keep this thing going.  Thank you readers.  

Thank you fellow bloggers.

Eternal thanks to TJB, and of course to Lucy Marlow.

TJB as Lucy Marlow in "The Lucy Marlow" story.


ayeM8y said...

Yay! Happy Blogversary Felix. I cherish all of you guys and love playing in the sandbox too.

normadesmond said...


beautifully composed felix, really.

i never realized just how much
i wanted to fuck lucy marlowe.

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

Well, I sir, salute you. You've been a good friend since we've met, and you have entertained and educated me and I am most appreciative. When I make my trip this year to LA, we most certainly will get together!

FelixInHollywood said...


Barbara said...

Congratulations! May you have many more years!

Donna Lethal said...

God bless Lucy Marlow! Felix and I bonded over sausages.

Kid Crowbar said...

I've only been around for a month but I love visiting hours.

FelixInHollywood said...

Hey Kid - Welcome aboard!! Stick around.

normadesmond said...

ah, you took that other photo away.

FelixInHollywood said...

Yeah, it's what happens when you read captions without really looking close at the picture!

ayeM8y said...

You might think about putting the picture back or the comments won’t make sense, like;

Norma‘s: “I never realized just how much i wanted to fuck lucy marlowe.”

And, Donna’s, “God bless Lucy Marlow! Felix and I bonded over sausages. True.”

Norma: “ah, you took that other photo away.”

Felix: Yeah, it's what happens when you read captions without really looking close at the picture!”

TJB said...

My darling, if any good has come of SSUWAT, then being some sort of inspiration for you to get your "blog on," and, consequently, your "tour on," is at the top of the list; and I'm thrilled and humbled. Love you madly!

WV: "stabing." Is it Sal Mineo's birthday?

MJ said...


Of the current group of lovable miscreants you've listed, Thom at Fabulon was my first find, followed by TJB.

And the rest is history.

It's a pleasure having you on board.


Stephen said...

I started blogging very much in the same way.
I am a huge fan of your little sight & not huge as in the State of California or Milton Berle's package.
If I don't read every day, then I certainly do read several times a week.
You post about how your parents met is one of my favorite posts on any blog ever.
Congrats on your anniversary... you are loved by your readers.

jason said...

Oh no...I'm late!
I was trying to use the keyboard with the plastic cover still on it...and then my hands got stuck to the plastic cover on the couch....and well, I'm here now, albeit late.


mrpeenee said...

I'm even later, but that's because I was waiting for my Big Entrance. Happy anniversary sweets, here's hoping for lots more.

designing wally said...

What peenee said..
& always look forward to visiting.

Jon said...

I came across your blog in much the same circuitous route as you discovered the world of fabulosity curated by TJB, Thombeau and the rest - in my case through discovering your brilliant article on "the Pansy Craze" I believe - and I am as hooked on your meanderings as I am on the aforementioned... Congratulations, and keep up the great work! Jx

punxxi said...

Happy Birthday PM, love ya ,love the blog!

VP81955 said...

A belated happy blogoversary, or whatever they call it, from someone whose blog is nearly 43 months of age.